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When your life-saving wingmom is your wackadoodle mother.



Forget helicopter parenting: my mother is the hovering, UFO type.

To make VP of Products, I have to stun Fur Bebé's board with my new pet wedding line. When my PI mom, fresh off an undercover operation, busts in, the board is...well, definitely stunned.

Lucas, the new CEO, yanks my promotion, and I quit. Out of cash, I move into Mom's Winnebago, AKA, Hell on Wheels. Desperate to launch my line, I take Mom's wacky advice on how to go viral. Wackier, it just might work.

Lucas and Mom become BFFs, probably to torture me. Lucas appears to have it all, but there are ripped seams inside that sharp suit. I know, I have them too. I'm drawn to his inexplicable magnetism, but falling for him could destroy everything.

Some need a wingman, but for me, finding love, forgiveness—and myself—may just take my wackadoodle wingmom.

* * *

Readers who enjoyed the small town love stories of Kirsty Greenwood's Big, Sexy Love and fans of Sophie Kinsella's My Not So Perfect Life will find elements of each in these Wingmom stories.


Published by AutumnSky Books, LLC. 2021