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Apparently, my wingman is my wackadoodle mom.

I’ve worked twelve-hour days to make Fur Bebé Co a rising star in the world of doggie high fashion. But when my pup activewear design is stolen and my mother arrives in a dominatrix outfit—long story—I not only lose my VP promotion but my job too.

Lucas, Fur Bebé’s hot new CEO, becomes enemy numero uno. He’s going to be sorry…eventually.

Out of cash, I move into Mom's Winnebago, AKA, Hell on Wheels. Desperate to pull my name out of the mud, I take her advice on how to make my pup fashion line go viral.

Mom and Lucas, suddenly BFFs, become undercover bikers to rescue a VIP pup. Lucas is a Harvard MBA and I’m a community college grad, but with similar childhood wounds, we get each other. Except falling for him could destroy everything.

Forget helicopter parenting: Mom’s hovering, UFO style might actually help me find love, forgiveness, and the truth about my bombshell past.

*Wingmom is a witty, heartfelt stand-alone romcom mystery with adult language and steamy, open-door chemistry that will have you rooting for a happily-ever-after. **Wingmom was originally published as a sweet novel.











"THIS NEEDS TO BE A!! Think Devil Wears Prada with a little Must Love Dogs....and any Katherine Heigl movie."
~ Sunny, Bookbub Review

"This is the book of the season, maybe the year for the Rom Com genre!"
~ Tamarae, Amazon Reviewer

"Whackadoodle Mother-Daughter Comedy Gold. An outrageously wonderful read that pulled out so many different emotions as I read it.  I can't quite figure out if Terra Weiss is a comedy genius or has a mad scientist's mind, but the plot of this book is brilliantly entertaining."
~ Living Life Book By Book, Amazon UK Reviewer

"A new Terra Weiss book?! And it isn't even my birthday!"
~ Kayla, Amazon Reviewer
"Not all romantic comedies live up to the description, but this book definitely does! It's funny and witty, and has a colourful cast of characters." 
~ Helen, Goodreads Reviewer
"Has there ever been a more loveable and hilarious character than Skye, a more engaging heroine than Sophie, and a more hot and heart-tugging love interest than Lucas?"
~ JLing, Amazon Reviewer

"It was such a unique concept, like The Devil Wears Prada, but with dogs."
~ NowHearThis, Amazon Reviewer

"What a fantastic story! It has great characters that feel real. The edge of your seat scenes. A real true love story."
~ Terry, Amazon Reviewer

"This was undoubtedly the funniest romance I’ve read to date. This would be such a good made-for-TV-movie..."
~ Linda, Amazon Reviewer

"This was a delightful romp that was true to its title: a laugh-out-loud comedy. So much more than a romance, it's about friendship and mother/daughter relationship (and don't forget the dogs!)"
~ Tracey, Amazon Reviewer

"I enjoyed the quirky mother/daughter relationship and loved that we get to watch it grow beyond superficial."
~ Bethany, Amazon Reviewer

"This kept me entertained from the first page to the last."
~ Mommy O, Amazon Reviewer

"The humor is more cerebral in places, but once it grabs you - it is infectious and hilarious. If you have a mother, it reminds you to hug and appreciate her. If your mother is no longer here, it reminds you to laugh in memory."
~ Avid New Reader, Amazon Reviewer

"My favorite read in a long time!"
~ J Edwards, Amazon Reviewer

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