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Books: Bridesmaid to Bride

Bridesmaid to Bride

Bridesmaid to Bride


A reality TV wedding with a twin-swapped bride.

After a chemical peel blisters my identical twin’s face, I begrudgingly agree to spend the weekend pretending to be my estranged sister, the bride of a televised reality TV wedding. Worse, to stop my family from playing matchmaker all weekend, I introduced West Quinn, the best man and my BFF, as my boyfriend. Hardly!

What could go wrong?

Now, I've got to shack up with West to validate the boyfriend ruse, which skyrockets from awkward to Armeggeddon when wedding guests see me—as the bride—head into the best man’s hotel suite.

The only upside of this televised circus is that with several four-legged rescue bridesmaids, I hoped to get Pawfs, my doggie biscuit delicacies, on air for some much-needed PR. Now, in the chaos, the network plans to cut the Pawfs footage. My business must succeed after sacrificing everything for it.

When West whisks me away on a moonlit horse ride, I realize my like for him might be growing into the other “l” word, something I simply cannot allow. Not after the crushing loss that tore me and my twin apart.

In this high stakes game of twin swap, I could lose it all. Or might I win the jackpot?


*Bridesmaid to Bride is s a witty, heartfelt interconnected stand-alone romcom with mild language and swoony chemistry that will have you rooting for a happily-ever-after while keeping the romance closed-door.


Published by Autumn Sky Books, LLC. 2022

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