Finding Yesterday



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When Yesterday's Secrets Bury Tomorrow's Dreams...


Claire Cole's heels dangle from her fingers as she hightails it into a chilly wine cellar instead of down the aisle on her wedding day. It's official: she has cold feet. Her caterer, famous bad boy chef, Jack Brady, provides a bottle opener and listening ear.

After calling off her wedding, Claire unceremoniously gets the boot from the quirky restaurant she ran with her now ex-fiancé. Refusing to let that snag her career, Claire goes to work for Jack at his steakhouse. So what if she’s vegetarian?

After a rocky start—involving an adorable suckling pig who ghosts his own roasting—sparks fly between Claire and Jack in the kitchen. But the past lingers between the two like the smoke from a Southern barbeque.

Jack left Blue Vine, Georgia, eighteen years ago after a mysterious accident killed his grandmother and Claire’s mother. He has no memory of the day that forever haunts Claire.

When she finds herself aching to trace a finger over Jack’s tattoo, Claire knows better than to mix business with pleasure. Right? She definitely needs to shift her focus from his biceps to her future restaurant...and Winston, her rescue pig.

But what Jack can’t remember could make both their lives—and their dreams—go up in flames.

* * *

Readers who enjoyed the small town love stories of Robyn Carr's Virgin River series and fans of Kristen Higgins' humor will find elements of each in these Blue Vine stories.


Published by AutumnSky Books, LLC. 2021