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Finding Yesterday

Blue Vine Story #1


When Yesterday's Secrets Bury Tomorrow's Dreams

My veil dangles from my fingers as I hightail it into a wine cellar instead of down the aisle. My caterer, famous bad boy chef, Jack Brady, provides a bottle opener and a listening ear.

Leaving my fiancé at the altar gets me booted from the restaurant he and I ran together, but I land a job as a chef at Jack's steakhouse. So what if I'm a vegetarian?

After a rocky start—involving a piglet who ghosts his own roasting—sparks fly between Jack and me in the kitchen. But the past lingers between us like the smoke from a Southern barbeque. Jack left Blue Vine eighteen years ago after tragedy struck both our families. Does it haunt him like it does me?

The buried secrets of that day could make our dreams go up in flames.

*Finding Yesterday is a heartfelt interconnected stand-alone romcom mystery with adult language and steamy, open-door chemistry that will have you rooting for a happily-ever-after. **Finding Yesterday was originally published as a sweet romcom mystery.









I absolutely loved it! Wonderful fully rounded characters, smooth flow and awesome story! I enjoyed all aspects of this, the food, the mystery, the history and the romance! A must read, I'll definitely be recommending it!" ~ Cricket, Goodreads Reviewer


Read this in nearly a single sitting! I was drawn into narrator Claire's voice being told a story by a good friend. Just the right doses of humor, romance, and mystery, and the town of Blue Vine is so charming and well-drawn. Looking forward to the rest of this series! ~ SVP, Amazon Reviewer
"I loved this sweet romance and fell in love with Claire and Jack, as well as the pig Winston. The family backstories add an intriguing mystery and the town itself is a character with its own interesting history. I highly recommend this book and look forward to the rest of the series!" ~ Jill, Goodreads Reviewer
Sweet romance with just the right amount of mystery. Was rooting for Claire and Jack to get together and to solve a family mystery - and I was not disappointed. Happily ever after - check. Looking forward to reading Emmaline's story." ~ Mary, Goodreads Reviewer
"This book has everything to enjoy; food, wine, history, mystery, and a romance that is hot and cold. The story is about Claire from her beginning wine cellar wedding jitters to the mystery in her life solved with a happy ending. I really liked this book, and highly recommend it to other romantic mystery fans." ~ Douglas, Goodreads Reviewer

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