Restoring Hearts



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A Lie Taken to the Grave Could Leave Everything in Ruins...


After her husband died two years ago, Charley Bresser thought she was done dealing with her insufferable brother-in-law, Grant Bresser III.

No, ma’am.

Here he is on the steps of Town Hall, winning the bid for her grandfather’s mountaintop estate. Charley has no idea what this beanie-wearing hipster from Manhattan wants with her family’s property in the sticks, but she’s shocked to discover the purchase was actually her late husband's idea. 

That was just one of his lies.

Charley's toolbelt may be pink, but she’s no lightweight with a hammer. After swinging a deal, she helps Grant restore the estate, the place where her heart lives. With his hard, earnest work, Grant shows Charley that he might just be the man her husband pretended to be. And when they end up on stage together at the local dive bar, they discover they both love playing music. Strumming the banjo while Charley fiddles, Grant seems to be falling for more than the charming town of Blue Vine.

But when her husband's final bombshell lie comes to light, it threatens to leave their lives in ruins.

* * *

Readers who enjoyed the small town love stories of Robyn Carr's Virgin River series and fans of Kristen Higgins' humor will find elements of each in these Blue Vine stories.


Published by AutumnSky Books, LLC. 2021