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Storybook Christmas Novella

Storybook Christmas


Stripper. Work Nemesis. My Fake Holi-Date?

The scorching hot stripper is my new co-worker? Yes, I drooled over Finn Hayes last weekend as he gyrated in a sparkly fuchsia thong. So what?

But Lacy Callahan, the unflappable career woman, does not let her hair down, does not blab her secrets, and certainly does not try to kiss a stripper!

Except last weekend. I flapped.

And now, I have to make senior editor at Sutton & Sutton Publishing by getting my author's children's Christmas novel on bookshelves everywhere. It's also how I plan to rekindle the spark between me and my ex, Joshua, who just got promoted at Sutton.

My roadblock? Finn, who came up with the concept for a competing children's Christmas novel. The one Joshua's fighting to get selected over mine.

Instead of working late nights with Joshua like the old days, it's Finn. Which isn’t so bad. He’s witty, quirky, and honestly, hilarious. Plus, he brings me chip-infused sandwiches. Surprisingly divine.

But there's something Finn's hiding, and it's not his ridiculous body. Why is he editing by day and stripping by night?


*Storybook Christmas is a witty, heartfelt romcom with mild language and swoony chemistry that will have you rooting for a happily-ever-after while keeping the romance closed-door.


Published by Autumn Sky Books, LLC.

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