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Rom Com Mystery Novel

Buried Roots


My entire past was a lie.

After an urgent call from a probate lawyer, I fly from New York to Violet Moon, a tiny town in Georgia I've never heard of.

Surprise! A stranger willed me his dilapidated farm. Since my parents are dead, I don’t have any family left—not that I know of, anyway.

But willow trees cover the farm, and my name is Willow. Coincidence?

Now, I have to figure out what to do with the place, and fast.

The animals need immediate care, but I have to get back to my architectural consulting firm in New York. I assign the project to Owen Brooks, the head of my firm's Atlanta office, but he runs into complications.

After discovering our neighbor, Meadow, a ten-year-old nonverbal child, speaks to the horses on my property, Owen and I decide to stay longer and work remotely. When he shows up in a flannel jacket with the tags still on it, all I can think about is getting him out of it.

But I can’t fall for him—my life is in New York, and his is in Atlanta. Except Meadow needs us.

When I find the bracelet from my nightmares, I must find the truth—even if it alters lives forever.


*Buried Roots is a witty, heartfelt romcom mystery with mild language and steamy chemistry that will have you rooting for a happily-ever-after.


Published by Autumn Sky Books, LLC.

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