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Cutting Chords

Blue Vine Story #2

Facing the Music Could Mean Losing It All


Eight years ago, I had two loves: music and the awkward yet brilliant guitarist Will Evans. When he ghosted me, I lost both. Then with new responsibilities—including helping Daddy save his vineyard—I stopped playing music and started playing it safe.

Now, Will returns with a scar on his chin and pain in his eyes, admitting he left because a secret had his heart locked away. I forgive him, but I’ve moved on. I'm growing my thriving wine store so I can take over the family business. Daddy's ready to retire from the back-breaking work in the vines.

The old fiery attraction between Will and me reignites as we make music together again, just like the old days. Except now it burns deeper, brighter, hotter.


But I have a secret of my own that could close Will’s heart forever.

*Cutting Chords is a heartfelt interconnected stand-alone romcom mystery with adult language and steamy, open-door chemistry that will have you rooting for a happily-ever-after. **Cutting Chords was originally published as a sweet romcom mystery.








  • BRINGS ALL the feels


I cried so much while I was reading Cutting Chords. The characters are so lovable, complex, and REAL! I feel like I could go down to Georgia and hang out in Blue Vine with my new friends. Reading these books has been truly magical
~ Kayla, Goodreads Reviewer

Terra Weiss is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors
~Mary, Goodreads Reviewer

If you like excellent writing, a well-developed plot, and complicated characters that step outside the typical romance trope lines, then this book is for you. It definitely was for me! Plan on devouring it all at once. Highly recommend. 
~ Victoria, Goodreads Reviewer

I loved every minute of this fun and touching read that immediately pulled me into the middle of all that was happening and I just couldn't put the book down until I read the last word with relatable characters I want to be friends with, a wonderful family dynamic, small town vibe and a heartwarming second chance romance. 
~ Pamela, Goodreads Reviewer

Great characters, good story and true to life angst. Page turning romantic comedy you won't want to end
~ Jeanne, Goodreads Reviewer

So so beautiful! Ms. Weiss pulls every emotion you can name and spins a story of fear, heartbreak and reconciliation!  
~ Sheila, Goodreads Reviewer

A beautiful story of love and loss, of strength and sensitivity, of magic and brilliance. The characters are so realistic that I found myself wanting the best and sometimes the worst for them. I wanted their successes and their love to happen. I felt their heartbreak and their passion. This novel was absolutely wonderful
~ Tamarae, Goodreads Reviewer

This is my second book from this talented author, and I really enjoyed this one. These characters are easy to relate to, as the writing allows the reader to become involved and attached to their story. I appreciated how the character's idiosyncrasies were handled. This is an interesting storyline that kept the pages turning. I was at the end of the story faster than I wanted to be! I recommend this author and this book.

~ Claudia, Goodreads Reviewer

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