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Coffee addict.
Mildly active activewear wearer.

Award-winning author of romantic comedies and romantic mysteries, Terra Weiss brings heart, humor, and happy endings to each of her books. She grew up in a small town in Idaho, but now lives in Atlanta with her mad scientist husband, wacky and wonderful mother, spunky daughter, and the eight-pound Yorkie who runs her house. She enjoys jogging at a snail's pace, reading, and piling bright orange mountains of squeezy cheese on her crackers.


The Big Bang Theory, Schitt's Creek, The Office, Friends. In that order.

Tacos, cherries, crackers, and cheeses (all varieties, but particularly goat, and even more particularly, bucheron and chèvre).

Swirls of colors in varying shades. Coincidentally, this echoes her life philosophy.


Anything when spending time with her family: beaching it, cool morning wogs (a mix of walking and jogging), golfing, dining with views, chilling on her back patio with a glass of wine, home renovation projects, and movie/show nights.

Read about her honors.

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