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Ready to download Y'allywood Billionaire?

Y'allywood Billionaire

Co-stars. Fake lovers. Real enemies.

I’ve landed my dream debut role on the TV crime series, Urban Dawn, but my sexy co-star and on-screen beau, Maddox Winter, barely knows I exist. He’s too busy with his gold-digging arm candy—usually D-listers trying to make it in Y’allywood, Atlanta’s hot cinematic scene.

I’m thrilled to see my name, Riley Glenn, at the top of the credits…even if the media has launched a smear campaign against me.

When an accidental naked entanglement lands Maddox and me on the cover of Love Buzz, the news spreads like norovirus on a cruise ship. With ratings skyrocketing, our director casts us into a faux relationship, and my wackadoodle godmother steps in to help out.

In the midst of it all, I’m grieving the loss of my grams. While sprinkling her ashes in Scotland, I experience a new Maddox who brews my coffee and carries me through a field of cow pies. Oddly, our pretend relationship feels like the only real thing in our lives.

But when our secret drops, it could be the end of our act, on and off screen.

✦ Fake dating romance
✦ Fated lovers
✦ Opposites attract
✦ Costar romance
✦ Dual hearts of gold
✦ Online bullying take down
✦ Celebrity romance
✦ Defrosting the Ice King by her gentle influence
✦ Sliding-out-of-your-chair chemistry


*Y'allywood Billionaire is a witty, heartfelt interconnected stand-alone rom com with adult language and steamy, open-door chemistry that will have you rooting for a happily-ever-after.


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