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This book idea came to me when I was binging on Friends and really wanted to bring back some of the classic jokes with a new spin. So, this book is what happens when you cross a wedding, a wingmom, and Friends.

To Deena Short. Thank you for being a rockstar critique partner and an amazing friend too. Thank you for keeping me sane. For this book, you helped me make Eva and West three-dimensional, interesting characters. And yes, you make things funny even though you always say you're not a funny person. For someone who's supposedly not, you make me laugh my butt off. Thank you for treating my books like your own. Thank you for being the person I can count on for anything, whether my need is for my books, therapy, or just general advice on life. Friends like you are rare.

To Brenda Lowder. Thank you so much for your careful editing of this book, start to finish, and all the touches of humor you added along the way. Thank you for being a brilliant friend and critique partner. I don’t know what I’d do without your energy, attention to detail, and skills in helping me breathe the characters to life.

To Eliza Peake. You help me, encourage me, and inspire me, daily, and you’re kicking butt. Thank you for always being one short, sometimes nonsensical, text message away. You just get me, even when I only type three words. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done and continue to do on my writing journey.

To Jill Cobb. Thank you for helping me with some of the trickier scenes with this book. Thank you for your meetups, calls, and hangouts that are always a good time. You are a cherished friend.

To Kim Conrey. Thank you for all of the amazing support you’ve offered me, always ready to read my novel-length emails I send with stories of woe, questions, or the sharing ideas. I’m so glad you’re here by my side to help me maneuver this wild wacky world of self-publishing.

To Tory Bunce. Thank you for always being there with your marketing genius to help me kick off each new book. You are seriously my greatest cheerleader and friend.


To Grace Wynter, thank you for being there with all your advice and emotional support. Always!

Thank you to Tenesha Curtis and George Weinstein, who support me and the entire metro Atlanta writing community.

A world of thanks to Kate Stacy from Indie Pen PR, a hard-working social media rockstar who helps me take each book launch to the next level. And thank you so much, Jenny Bailey, from Pen Pal Marketing & PR, who has given such great advice and guidance for this launch.

A gigantic thank you to my wonderful and amazing editor, Sharon Pegram from Grim Reader Editing.


Many thank yous to my awesome beta readers. A world of thanks to my advanced readers who champion through one book after another of mine, and help me get my words into the hands of more readers. I couldn’t do this without you!

And to you, my reader, who makes this all possible. Thank you for making my dreams come true.

To Dave. Thank you for your steadfast love, companionship, and support. You are my rock. To Alexa, my amazing firecracker. I couldn’t be more proud of you and the amazing person you’re becoming. I have no doubt you are meant for greatness with whatever you pursue. To Mom, who is such a great plotter and book doctor. To Dad, who's always just a text message away. To my sister, Christina, who supports me endlessly. Love you all so very much.

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