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New Release: Restoring Hearts

April 12th, 2022:

A Lie Taken to the Grave Could Leave Lives in Ruins:

New Release: Restoring Hearts

When my dead husband’s best friend, Grant Bresser III, comes to town, the last thing I expect is to find him on the steps of Town Hall trying to steal my grandfather’s mountaintop estate. I have no idea what this stuffed-shirt from Manhattan wants with my family’s property in the sticks, but I’m shocked to discover it's all my late husband’s betrayal.

That was just one of his lies.

After swinging a deal, I help Grant restore the estate, the place where my heart lives. My toolbelt may be pink, but I'm no lightweight with a hammer. Grant's honest day's work shows that he might just be the man my husband pretended to be, and I wonder if he's falling for more than the town of Blue Vine.

But the bombshell lie my husband took to the grave threatens to leave our lives in ruins.

Longing for a romcom with realistic characters that brings all the feels?

Restoring Hearts is an enemies to lovers romcom about two old friends who had a falling out when one married someone else. It reminds us that sometimes, the wrong decision can lead us to right where we need to be, and perfect love finds its way back to imperfect people.

If you enjoy single mother romances, get ready to dive into the third and most shocking story from the charming town of Blue Vine.


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