Editing Services


I offer these professional editing services:

Manuscript Critique:

An unbiased, professional review of your manuscript is a critical step in getting it commercial-ready. With a variety of experience and a knack for catching big picture issues, I've helped numerous authors win awards and land publishing contracts with big five publishers. See my testimonials. I analyze plot arcs and characters, find plot holes and lapses in conflict, then provide recommended fixes for issues that can cause readers to put your book down.

Query Letter Critique:

Your query letter is what hooks editors and agents into reading your manuscript. In other words, it's the single most important document you write for your book. Getting it right is worth every penny spent. I've helped writers go from getting zero requests to winning awards at conferences.

Synopsis Critique:

Most editors and agents want to see a one-page synopsis along with a query letter, so if your synopsis isn't in top shape, it can also slam the door on manuscript requests. And make no mistake: synopses are the most challenging things to write. You have to fit your entire book into one page while keeping the writing in your unique voice. Don't go at this one alone. Everyone, and I mean everyone, even the professionals, need another set of eyes on their synopses to make them better.

Pitch Critique

It's critical to have an elevator pitch ready to go for anyone who asks you what your book is about. In this setting, you have to convince a person to buy/rep/publish your book in about 20-30 seconds, or about 140 words. That's not long, so every single word has work double-time toward selling your book. Writing a pitch isn't an easy thing to do, but once again, it's critical you do it right. Get help and make sure it's the best it can be.

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