Love In Lyrics

Nine years ago, Emma Cole had two loves: music and the awkward yet brilliant guitarist Will Evans. When Will ghosted Emma on the verge of signing their recording deal, she lost both. Autism had Will’s heart locked away. Devastated, Emma stopped playing music and started playing it safe.


After tragedy strikes, Will returns with a faded scar on his chin and pain in his eyes. Emma and Will’s old fiery attraction reignites, as his melodies hit a chord deep within her. But now she must keep a secret that could close his heart forever.


When Will discovers he can express his love through lyrics, he serenades Emma. Still, the cords of the past bind her: she can’t trust him again. But when Emma’s secret is exposed, she must face Will and the music.


Readers who enjoyed the lyrical love story in Heidi McLaughlin’s Forever My Girl and fans of the autistic love interest of Tracey Garvis Graves’ The Girl He Used to Know will find elements of each in this novel.



The Golden Rose Award

Portland RWA Chapter Award


Fool for Love Award

RWA’s Virginia Chapter Award


Maggie Award of Excellence

RWA’s Georgia Chapter Award

2018 2nd Place Winner

The Catherine Award

Toronto RWA Chapter Award

2019 2nd Place Winner

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