Blue Vine Melody

Coming  January 2021!

After her husband, James, died two years ago, Charley thought she was done dealing with her insufferable brother-in-law, Grant Bresser III.

No, ma’am.

Here he is on the steps of Town Hall, winning the bid for her grandfather’s mountaintop estate. Charley has no idea what this hipster from Manhattan wants with her family’s property in the sticks, but she’s shocked to discover the purchase was actually James's secret plan. 

Well, one of James's secret plans.

Charley's toolbelt may be pink, but don’t call her Builder Barbie. Being pregnant via IVF doesn't stop Charley from helping Grant restore the estate, the place where her heart lives. With his hard, earnest work, Grant shows Charley that he might just be the man her husband pretended to be. And when Grant plays the banjo for unborn Baby Harper, Charley wonders if he’s falling for more than the charming town of Blue Vine.

But when tragedy strikes the estate and Charley's baby, the bombshell secret plans of James are exposed, shocking both families to their very core and changing their lives forever.

Blue Vine Rhapsody

Coming February 2021!

When cold feet lead Claire Cole into a cellar instead of down the aisle on her wedding day, famous bad boy chef, Jack Brady, talks her out of the wine room...and marrying the wrong man. 

A dreamer, Claire's sure she’ll stay on as the talented chef of Tangz, the quirky vegetarian restaurant owned by her now ex-fiancé.


In the interim of starting her own restaurant, Claire goes to work for Jack. There's just one problem: he owns a steakhouse. Taste in food aside, Claire and Jack share a lot, including a passion for slam poetry, not to mention the pain from a devastating loss. In a restaurant fire twenty years ago, Claire’s mother and Jack’s grandmother both died. A mama's girl, Claire is haunted by the memory. She's sure it must haunt Jack too, but he refuses to talk about his past.

When things get steamy in the kitchen, Claire knows better than to mix business with pleasure. She needs to keep her head out of the clouds and focus on getting her own restaurant going.

But when Jack’s past is exposed, both their lives, and their dreams, could go up into flames.

Blue Vine Serenade

Coming March 2021!

Five years ago, Emma Cole had two loves: music and the awkward yet brilliant guitarist Will Evans. When Will ghosted Emma, she lost both. Autism had Will’s heart locked away. Devastated, Emma stopped playing music and started playing it safe.

Now, Will returns with a faded scar on his chin and pain in his eyes. Emma and Will’s old fiery attraction reignites, and he discovers he can express his love through lyrics. But Emma can’t bring herself to sing again, as she has a secret that could close Will’s heart forever.


Readers who enjoyed the lyrical love story in Heidi McLaughlin’s Forever My Girl and fans of the autistic love interest in The Girl He Used to Know will find elements of each in this novel.

© 2020 by Terra Weiss.